The Most Powerful Touch Screen Ever

Introduction :

It is proved that using the touch screen will increase the work efficiency: School teacher can collect the digital teaching material more easily; Enterprise can enhance company image along with higher income.

Advanced interface with fast booting

► 4K@60Hz refresh rate

► 2x15W speaker

► Built-in Android 8.0, users can download APP they need

► Memory upgrade to 4G

► Storage upgrade to 32G

► Countdown setting on the desktop

► Floating compass, easy gesture recognition

► Cross-platform annotation

► Switching signals by one click

► USB smart sharing

► Four split-screen mirroring, allowing four smart devices mirroring at the same time

► Digital whiteboard software

► Broadcasting function

► INTEL standard OPS slot

► 5G Wi-Fi 802.11AC, can be used as Wi-Fi router

More Details

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